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C.M.S Insurance Brokers has attracted a prestigious clientele, all of whom are leaders in their respective industries. Given their demand for financial prudence and analytical rigour, our clients have found CMS Insurance Brokers meeting their high standards.
We represent clients from the following industries:
BPO Software Technology
Financial Consultancy & Law Distilleries
FMCG Corporates Chemicals
Pharmaceutical Food Processing & Technology
Educational Institutes Hospitality
Housing Societies & Business Parks Construction & Infrastructure
Industrial Engineering Industrial Packaging
Shipping Merchant Importers & Exporters
Garment Manufacturers  

Brokers represent the client. What does this representation include?

Fundamentally, the broker must understand the client’s business as intimately as a doctor understands her patient. The client trusts us with confidential financial and operational data, and we honour that trust by identifying areas of risk mitigation and risk transfer potential fairly and directly.

We work consultatively with our clients to help them develop a risk management approach to their business, thereby earning them a reputation for prudence and proactive risk management among insurers. This will position them as preferred clients in the insurance market of the future.

The Non-Tariff Scenario
When Insurance is completely de-tariffed, the insured might be at sea. Everything will be negotiable – terms, clauses, prices, deductibles – everything

You will need to evaluate the service levels of each company and look for creative and intelligent ways to cover risk at lower prices

Insurance companies will rely on brokers to understand the businesses of their clients and structure solutions for them

More interventionist legislation and new liability concerns will cause some companies to consider additional employee benefits and liability covers

Insurance underwriters will become increasingly more stringent in their underwriting guidelines and more selective about client acquisition even as they offer lower rates due to greater competition among underwriters

As rates are rationalized, companies that have a history of prudence and aggressive risk management will benefit from lower rates from insurers

Insurance will become complex, confusing and frustrating - as are law and finance without the right lawyer or chartered accountant - unless you have the right broker by your side
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